Shock Sticks For Dogs

Picture a day where you are out for a simple jog around the neighborhood. You are enjoying the fresh air, enjoying the sunshine, and enjoying the chance to improve your health a bit more. The exercise is great, and you are jogging along at a quick pace. When suddenly, from nowhere, a dog comes running at you. Maybe they are friendly, or maybe they are barking, slobbering machines of viciousness. No matter what the case is, you will feel much, much safer if you have some form of protection.

Shock Stick for Dogs


This is where a simple shock stick, or a stun baton, could come in handy. What is a stun baton? A stun baton, otherwise known as a shock stick, is a small electronic baton with a head that acts like a simple taser. You turn it on, and then bop the dog with the baton. This causes the dog to back off, because the sharp shock of electricity is painful and upsetting.


You may be wondering if this is problematic to the dog. After all, the dog may not be vicious. They may simply be confused, or trying to protect their young or their territory. Or you may be worried about potential legal consequences should you cause any long term injuries. Is it safe to use a shock stick or a stun baton on a poor dog? Will it cause any kind of permanent injury?


Shock sticks and stun batons are generally considered completely safe to use on dogs. The length of time the shock occurs is too short to cause any kind of long term damage such as burns or scars. All it will do is shock the dog into leaving you alone, which is exactly what you want.


But will it work on a larger breed of dog? Are the larger breeds of dogs not the more dangerous ones? You may hear stories about pit bulls or Irish wolf hounds attacking people and managing to rip them to shreds. Will a stun baton or a shock stick really work on such a large, vicious dog? Or will it only give you a sense of comfort and security without actually being able to back that feeling up?


Stun batons and shock sticks work surprisingly well against all manner of dog. You can even use them against human beings, and get a similar result. This is because the electrical current is strong enough to cause a jolt, no matter how big the animal or person. So having a stun baton or a shock stick can be a defense against not only dogs, but other humans, as well, if need be.


Of course, the real truth is that most larger breeds of dogs are not any more dangerous than smaller breeds of dogs. In point of fact, studies have found that cocker spaniels actually attack children more often than larger breeds such as bulldogs or pit bulls. So in truth, you are far less likely to have to use the stun baton or shock stick against a larger breed of dog in the first place.


Still, no matter what breed of dog you might have to use your stun baton or shock stick on, it is absolutely comforting to know that you have the option. If you run around without a shock stick, you could be left to the whims of fate on whether or not you can survive a vicious dog attack. However, if you have a tool specifically made for helping you to protect yourself, then you can rest comfortably, secure in the knowledge that you can take care of the problem.

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