The Advantages of Using Stun Guns for Protection

Few people want to keep guns in their home since guns can be dangerous if the owner is not educated in how to handle them. In addition, they may present a hazard to children if they are not kept in a secure gun safe. On the other hand, nobody wants to think they would be defenseless in the event that a burglar broke into their home. One possible answer to this dilemma is using stun guns for protection. While a stun gun will not permanently disable an intruder, it will give the victim time to escape without harm and call for help from a safe distance.


Personal Stun Gun


Using Stun Guns for ProtectionMany people are not aware that there are now civilian versions of stun guns available from Taser and other manufacturers. This is a great non-lethal version of an extremely effective self defense device, although the cost may give some people second thoughts. However, when the danger of being mugged or raped is taken into consideration, most people realize the value of the weapon.


The Taser C2 is very portable, making it easy to carry either concealed or in the open. It is also simple to operate and delivers a powerful spark, able to disable an attacker long enough to get to a safe place. Women especially appreciate the fact that the device has a built in light that makes opening their car door easier in the dark, and in the event that she is attacked from the rear she can activate the device at close range to immediately disable the would-be thief or rapist.


Personal Stun Gun


Pepper spray has been the defense mechanism of choice for people who do not want to carry a gun, but using stun guns for protection is more effective. The effectiveness of pepper spray can be compromised in windy weather, and it must be aimed at the attackers face to totally disable them. This might not be possible in some cases, but the stun gun is effective no matter what area of the body it is aimed at.


While using stun guns for protection is legal in most areas of the United States, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, the District of Columbia and Rhode Island do not allow civilians to use or posses them. Anyone wishing to purchase a personal stun gun needs to be 18 years old, and owners are advised to be trained on the proper use of the weapon. While a stun gun generally will not cause permanent harm, anyone owning one should make sure it is kept in a secure place in their home that cannot be accessed by children.


People wanting to purchase a personal stun gun may be able to find one for sale at online sources such as Amazon. They are often for sold at sporting goods stores, hardware and outdoor stores. Stores that sell firearms and other types of self defense products also carry personal stun guns for their customers who are not interested in owning a regular firearm.

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